View of Albany (2010)

View of Albany from Princess Royal Harbour
Western Australia, c. December 2009

Ink drawing on paper and buckram hardcovers, 43 x 616 cm.
Collection of Museum of the Great Southern, Albany WA.

In late 2009, Mimi spent a month in Albany, Western Australia as part of an IASKA residency. During this time she met local people, explored the town and developed an understanding of local history, culture and current developments. Inspired by the maritime explorers who created the first recorded views of Albany’s coastline from sea, and informed by debate within the town about developments along the waterfront, the focus of Mimi’s project became the contemporary coastal landscape of Albany.

During her first visit, Mimi photographed the coastline from on board the Albany Port Authority pilot vessel traversing the harbour. The resulting photographs form the basis of Mimi’s detailed drawing which measures over six metres in length, and which will be concertina folded to form an artist’s book. Mimi’s updated version of earlier historical drawings will include several key architectural landmarks such as the Grain Silo, the construction of the Albany Entertainment Centre, the replica of the Brig Amity and the Wind Farm.

Mimi returned to Albany in mid June 2010 to present her large-scale drawing project to the local community at the Albany Public Library.

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