Picture Fixture (2009)

Picture Fixture

Metallic photographic prints, MDF
4 parts: 70 x 118 x 20 cm each
RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

The 19th Century ceiling represents the heritage lifespan of the Storey Hall Building (built in 1887) and remains a prominent period feature of RMIT Gallery after major renovations in 1994 and the more recent refurbishments in early 2009. The exposed ceiling weighted in the decorative arts tradition is in direct contrast to the minimal floating wall panels and wooden floors designed to deal with the day-to-day operational requirements of the Gallery.

Recent photographs of the ceiling taken from multiple perspectives looking up from ground level were paired to explore abstract geometric possibilities within the new composition. Four large prints hand cut and mounted onto carbon copy cut MDF translate Picture Fixture as a series of freestanding floor based sculptures. The photographs’ metallic, gold tones posed as a period–like fixture that had gravitated to the floor, camouflaged against the highly polished newly laid timber. The incidental and complimentary nature of the tones shared in both the photographs and in the floor reinforced the faceted dimension of the sculptures in relation to the site.

Artist statement first published in Critical Fixtures catalogue, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne 2009.

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