Indoor Landscape Outdoor Room (2020)

2 Moleskine Japanese albums: 60 concertina folded pages, 9 x 14 cm; 48 concertina folded pages, 12 x 21 cm. Ink pen, graphite pencil, colour pencil, wax pastel.

Photo AGNSW, Felicity Jenkins

Book 1 is composed of horizontal views. On one side I’ve drawn the shadows from the tall Bankisa tree that fall on the window sill. The reverse side I’ve drawn an interior landscape, things that surround me such as LEGO, craft and books that my kids have been making and reading.

Book 2 is composed of vertical views. On one side I’ve drawn the view from my window in fragments inspired by architect Gordon Cullen’s concept of Serial Vision. The reverse side I’ve drawn the Hourglass sculpture I made three years ago. I brought the sculpture out from storage as it’s filled with sand from Coogee Beach. Redrawing the Hourglass is an allegory from the personal to the collective time.

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