Geometric Folding Experiment (2003)

Geometric Folding Experiment

Wood, canvas, acrylic paint, cotton thread
MOP Projects, Sydney

‘The German words wand (wall) and gewand (textile/garment) share the same root.
They denote the woven or knit cloth that forms the wall.’

Gottfried Semper, taken from Acconci, Holl: Storefront for Art and Architecture, Hatje Cantz Verlag 2000.

Geometric Folding Experiment is an exploration in painting, sculpture and installation. The dialogue between minimalism and geometric abstraction in Tongs’ work pushes painting beyond the convention of the flat painted surface by deconstructing the use of traditional materials such as wood and canvas.

The combination of the wedge – shaped structures and pleated canvas intervenes the surface of the painting, thus creating a complex web of contrasting actual and painted planes and angles. This geometric dialogue continues past the edge of the constructions and onto the surrounding wall.

The wall painting acts not only as an extension of the painting featured on the sculptures but as an architectural link of the constructions to the wall space.

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