Folding Cities: China II (2007)

Folding Cities: China II

35 Giclee photographic sculptures, 3 shaped plywood table tops and trestle legs
Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney

Folding Cities: China II is a series of paper sculptures exploring architectural space and geometric abstraction.

Photographic images of China’s urban and rural landscape are physically manipulated by hand, cut and folded to redefine the spatial composition of the image. The sculptural intervention metaphorically shifts the constructed elements of built environment imagery by playing with the inherent geometry. The intervention conforms to the line work in the image as well as independently maps an abstract path to free the image from literal representation and reading.

Folding Cities: China II traces my experience of the Chinese cultural landscape as a recent tourist and artist in residence. Navigating my way through Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing using diverse forms of public and private transport. The pedestrian speed covering distance and (dis)orientation particularly on foot and bicycle impacted upon my processing and formulating impressions of these cities, spaces and events.

Interference with Ainslie Murray
Exhibiton essay by Linda Marie Walker

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